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Thank you for visiting our web site and considering Silk Expressions as your source of custom batik correspondence.  We are a one of a kind business.  Join us in the realm of the scribe where your chosen words are hand written in molten wax, customized with your selection of colors and effects then delivered to your door.

We call it the whispering language of silk, though some word selections do actually shout! Our business is words on fabric and we will not knowingly process orders that are plagiaristic in nature. Plagiarism is the appropriation or imitation of the language, ideas, and thoughts of another author, and representation of them as one's original work. Silk Expressions and those associated in the creation process or our business are not liable in any way for infractions of plagiarism laws or copyright violations.

Extremely offensive or hateful subject matter can and will be refused solely at our discretion and fully within our rights. A refusal sets no precidence. 

Silk Expressions will not distribute, sell, exchange or transfer any personally identifiable information obtained from a client to any other company or agency, unless directed by law as, for example, in the case of a court order.

Stray wax drops, silk flaws, vein lines and small color spots on the resist area of the silk will occur.  The colors on your computer monitor, as shown, are representing your colors and will not match exactly.   Dimensions are approximate.  Molten wax can be an extremely temperamental medium and subject to imperfections.  Each piece will become an original piece of art unlike any other.

By rendering our services, you are giving us full control of artistic expression, including the introduction of color, use of wax as a resist and, a pardon for imperfections.   We reserve full rights to choose the thread color and material for the hemmed edges.

CAUTION:Check silk periodically for lose strings as handling and cleaning may loosen stray strands of silk fiber. This is especially important in unhemmed silk. Keep away from small children and babies as loose fiber may wrap around fingers, limbs or cause strangulation.

  Color Information

The colors you choose will blend together creating another hue entirely. Some color combinations will be expected, while other will have unexpected result.   A difference exists in the over-painting of colors as well. For example, a blue painted atop a yellow will produce a different green hue than a yellow painted atop a blue, the green possibilities are extended, therefore by selecting yellow and blue, you have introduced an analogous spectrum. Analogous colors are three to five hues directly next to each other on the color wheel.

Complementary colors are opposite from each other on the color wheel. Mixed together they can leave a muddy color, over painted, they will produce a range of earthy hues. So, to celebrate green by introducing red, please be aware of the potential results of earthy and muddy colors inbetween. This rule applies to other complementary colors as well.

Monochromatic colors are shades and tints of the same color hue. A light to dark (addition of black) hue range represented on one piece will give a monochromatic scheme to the art. Selecting one single color will in fact represent a monochromatic scheme, because we paint around the hardened wax lettering, as we do, the temperature, humidity and pace of the painting environment will produce slight lightness within the hue without the intoduction of anything. By choosing one color it will dry slightly lighter in some areas. As in all orders, vein lines are possible, yet more pronounced with the single color choice. To choose a monochromatic color range on the order form, choose the color (Red for example) and check both "darken the hues" and "lighten the hues" under the effects section of the order form. Remember, light red is pink, if you do not want pink in your monochromatic red choice, select only "darken the hues".

Split complementary colors are on either side of a selected  hues complementary color.  These two colors along with the selected hue make a very nice combination when applied in uneven amounts.  For example yellow's split complementary colors are red violet and blue violet (as found on each side of violet). A nice choice would be; lightly applied yellow, a medium surface area of blue violet and a heavier surface area of red violet.

The color wheel below is a representation of the color choices available with the exception of the brown, grey and black.  The oddly distributed color selections are deliberate.  Click on a color area to highlight possible color combinations.  The wheel is available for assistance only, we encourage you to choose any colors you desire on the order form. The color  wheel is not intended to match our dye colors. It is just a tool that may help  you think about color. CLICK ON A COLOR ON THE WHEEL.


Analogous Colors



Do you accept custom request orders?   Yes, unless you are purchasing a premade piece of art, your order is custom because you choose the words, colors and effects.  Layout fee, large scale and custom requests will be addressed on a case by case basis.

What if I do not like what I get?   We will correct, replace, or refund any orders including all reasonable shipping charges, in which we have made an error in the lettering.

Can I sew my completed silk on a dress or a purse?   When you receive your Silk Expression, it belongs to you, the individual customer.  Please keep in mind properties of silk fabric, (avoid sunlight, dry clean only etc.).  Common sense and basic laws apply.

Can I have my silk reproduced?  We do not authorize the reproduction of the surface area design without the process of a custom reproduction order.

What is your favorite silk letter?   Love letters, we love love letters!   

How do I care for my silk?  Dry clean only, avoid direct sunlight, iron with a slightly warm iron when necessary, and if your silk is a garmet, dry clean within a few days of wear. Do not use detergent on silk. Do not bleach.

How do I store my silk?   Silk should be kept away from direct sunlight and prolonged heat contact. You can keep it in a wood box, cardboard or loose in a linen drawer. A book mark, in a pocket, in a jewelry box or tucked inside a pillowcase. Store it in a beautiful glass bottle and remove it for some air circulation from time to time. It is, in fact, usually a letter and the question of what to do with it does come up. The subject matter my influence your choice of where  to keep your silk message. An affirmation ("courage", "you can succeed") may be stored in your accessory area for continued reference. A scripture, perhaps, in or close to your spiritual books. Love letters kept in an office drawer or handbag. Holiday and special occasions, with holiday decorations or close to the family photo album.

About Batik


Batik is an ancient method used to create beautiful fabric art. Hot wax is applied directly to fabric using a canting or tjanting tool. The canting or tjanting tool is a "bowl" with a spout which the artist fills with hot wax. The hot wax dries quickly on the fabric sealing the fibers. This sealing is called resisting or, a resist. An artist paints or "dips" the fabric in a color and the waxed area will not absorb the dye or paint. Natural fibers are the top choices for Batik as they easily accept most dyes. Batik wax is a mixture of beeswax and synthetic wax. The classic crackle is obtained with the over painting of light molten wax , crumpled and dyed between the cracks. Spectacular effects are achievable with the use of sea salts, isopropyl alcohol and the human imagination.

As a business, we strive for an environmental conscienceness that will make a difference. We recycle, reduce and reuse. Most of our paper office supplies are post customer content.

Our web site is

Thank You for letting us show you the world of the silk scribe. To create and order your silk expression, click on Create from the main (home) page. This will bring you to a page with five steps.

Choose colors and effects, this link will provide factual information on the choices you have available.
There are two areas in which to review. Area one, located at the top of the page contains four preselected designs. We call these designs our Showcase Designs. These are inclusive of effects and color. The message content (words) and size will be your selection.
The second area to review is our Ala carte section. This section displays the different effects and colors offered, you may combine as many effects and colors as you wish.
The message content , again words and size will be your selection. Click on the appropriate block on the order form to order from the Showcase Designs or the Ala carte sections.
Lettering , this link describes the properties of the letters.
Presentation ideas , this link describes various presentation ideas.
Size and price , this link provides a table of prices, sizes and number of characters each size will permit.
Details, this link contains disclaimers, descriptions, color details, a color wheel, information about the artist, the medium and our technical paragraph. FAQs here may explain some of your questions. Read the details before ordering.

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It is exciting to bring together written words on fabric.   We hope you like our work. Our research and development budget will always exceedes our marketing budget and we need your help, write to us and tell us a little about you and about what you think about our art. Look for us on social media. In advance- Thank you and Mahalo.

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Cindy Rellin
Cindy Rellin was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  Her childhood was spent living in Hawaii, Japan and Florida.  She currently resides in Austin.

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