Lettering on Fabric

Here we describe the alphabetical letters.  Numerical portions of a letter will carry the same characteristics. We use a modified school script writing style which is  hand scribed in molten wax blends.  Waxed letters are unmistakably hand made.  Areas covered in the wax resist will carry an inherent unevenness  and thickening or thinning throughout the text.  In the large example below, notice the thickening of wax at the top of the letter h, and the way the capital T has dipped below the straight plain.  By its very nature, your silk expression is unique.  The words you choose will be similar to these examples in style and character. 

Lower case letters are aprox. 1/2" to 5/8" tall, letters descending are 3/8" longer. Lower case letters average two characters per inch wide. 

Upper case, capital letters are, on the average, one inch tall and one inch wide. 

The letters are unmistakably hand written in a wax blend. This wax includes Kiawe tree bee wax harvested from an area mauka (mountain side) of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Several wax formulas are used in our studio to produce a specific desired effect. A simple tjanting tool constructed of wood and brass is used to scoop molten wax.  This wax drips as it is pulled upon the silk, creating a bead of hot wax which cools quickly.  There are no valves or mechanics to the tool which could control the wax flow.  Studio environment, temperature and timing is critical. Imperfections are natural and enhance this unique and fantastic form of letter writing.