Presentation Ideas

Will the presentation of your designer silk expression be casual or dynamic?  The silk itself is elegant, exotic, intriguing, striking; your communiqué and colors are notably distinct.   Below we offer ideas to explore and hope to stir your imagination.  We welcome all creative and ingenuous presentation ideas.

Send your message in a bottle.


Package your Silk Expression in a mysterious glass bottle.  Wrap it around jewels.  Use its message and feeling to compliment that special moment.  The content of the message may hint at the perfect way to present your silk letter. When the silk letter accompanies a gift, the nature of the gift or occasion may also spark presentation ideas. 


Let that special someone feel and touch your message.  Silk feels wonderful, soft and elegant.  You may simply use the line..."close your eyes and put out your hand".

Explore some imagined and actual presentation ideas below.

"Let us rendezvous at Aloha Tower, this Saturday", Useful for anytime a great band is playing or we haven't been out for ages.

For this idea, you need an accomplice.  To surprise that special someone, book a weekend getaway somewhere romantic, preferably on the beach.  Suggest a walk along the (moonlight) shore.  The concierge can help arrange an accomplice, who  will plant a bottle containing your silk message just minutes before you reach the 'discovered bottle washed ashore'.  Safety precautions must be considered, ask the locals about beach, lake or river conditions. 

Tucked inside the pocket of her/his favorite jacket, sweater or jeans (removed before laundering). Placed in lunchboxes, briefcases, suitcases.  

Within the pages of a favorite and frequently read book, as a 'whenever surprise'.

Wrapped around a small gift such as earrings then tied with ribbons.

A prayer tucked inside a pillowcase.