Thank You for letting us show you the world of the silk scribe. To create and order your silk expression, click on Create from the main (home) page.  This will bring you to  a page with five steps.

Follow the steps to:
Choose colors and effects, this link will provide factual information on the choices you have available.  There are two areas in which to review. Area one, located at the top of the page contains four preselected designs. We call these designs our Showcase Designs.  These are inclusive of effects and color. The message content (words) and size will be your selection.  The second area to review is our Ala carte section.  This section displays the different effects and colors offered, you may combine as many effects and colors as you wish.  The message content, again words and size will be your selection.  Click on the appropriate block on the order form to order from the Showcase Designs or the Ala carte sections.
Lettering, this link describes the properties of the letters. 
Presentation ideas, this link describes various presentation ideas. 
Size and price, this link provides a table of prices, sizes and number of characters each size will permit.
Details, this link contains disclaimers, descriptions, color details,  a color wheel, information about the artist, the medium and our technical paragraph. FAQs here may explain some of your questions.   Read the details before ordering.